Monday, 18 March 2013


     I can't believe that I turned 28. It seems that after I had Nastya that time has seemed to zip by without a thought or picture of it. I sit here and have flashbacks of all the things I have done with Nastya and Pasha and how she has grown from a limp little baby to a little girl with poise and confidence and a love for life.

     I never thought that I would reach the ripe age of 28 and 1. Still have only one baby, 2. Be where I am today. Time flies as they say and boy are they right. It doesn't slow down as you become older and its a little known fact that we have slowed our lives down for this little munchkin that has come into our lives.

     This birthday was unlike any other Pasha had a plan to surprise me with my friends and decorating the home. I was surprised.

So as of 6 March I have turned 28. Happy Birthday to me!

Nastya thought these balloons were for her.

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Well on the 10th it will be two years since I started to blog about our lives, so I thought it was befitting for my readers to ask me questions if they have any. So start, shoot away and I will reply!