Thursday, 16 August 2012

Happy Birthday America

     What I grew up with and what Nastya will see as tradition will be two very different worlds. As a child the family and extended family would get together at my Aunt Barbara's home that was about 1-2 acres. There would be my wannabe country singer cousin Jimmy who would sing his country music songs and all of the extended family that lived in the Sacramento would come and celebrate. We all brought some food to share, we would have fire works and party in the summer without alcohol. I remember one year they set off fire works that would get us SoCal residents arrested. You see here in San Diego County and most of Southern California fire works are illegal. We only get to witness them from these locations each year. We used to have them off of the Oceanside Pier but they no longer can commit due to low funds. This year we spent it with a friend of mine that has 3 children. Nastya had so much fun and enjoyed the fire works. Last year she was scared and didn't want anything to do with them. The best Part was my friends parents own a row house and we went there for the fireworks in the comfort of the balcony.

Nastya, Gavin, Emily, Dillon and Karisa

Fair Trade

I love the fair. Everything about it is lovely, the food the rides and best of all the food. Before this last years fair I went when I was pregnant with Nastya 3 years ago and the only thing a pregnant lady can do is eat. They won't let you go on rides so I did my best to EAT. This year I went on rides with Nastya and the only one she didn't like was the one I hate the most as well. The Ferris wheel is a problem for me. I don't know why but I am afraid of it. I can't even look out and enjoy the ride. My anxiety of fear just takes over. I tried my hardest to be a strong person for Nastya but I think in the end she could feel my anxiety grow more and more. When we got to a certain point she started to cry and grab on to me for dear life. However she did have an enormous amount of fun and didn't want to leave.

 Famous smoked turkey legs which was amazing. I had one bite and my mouth after was as if the water on the facet was turned on.

This was her favourite ride. It was a boat in the water and just went in circles.

Nastya riding the boats.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Animal Lover

     Nastya does love her animals. The one she loves so much she cries for him is Toozik our 4 year old Boston Terrier, who got a cotton tail stuck in his nose and kept sneezing. Took him to the vet and she did not want to leave him. She even had a crying fit and kept telling me that she is not getting in the car with out him. I explained to her that he will go away for the day and then we will come and pick him up when he is ready. As you can see she is so much in love with this dog she just cries.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


     I think I have a special little girl. She loves sushi as much as her Mama and Papa. She gets super excited when you just say the word Sushi. In the video below just how she reacts. Nothing more to say! The translation is. Nastya do you want Sushi? She says sushi? and then you can get it weather you speak English or not.

She can even eat with chopsticks.

Big Girl Bed

     We decided that when my friend left we would turn Nastya's crib into a day bed. It was super cute how she loved it. Now I have never had a bad sleeper until now (more on that in another post) she always went to bed when she was supposed to and never threw a fit. The day bed has I have to say contributed to a little of that. Gone are the days where I put her in her crib and she can't get out and I leave and close the door. However most of the time she goes to bed on her own now. When she is tired she just goes and passes out.

All Things Foreign

     We have an exchange student! Her name is Juliette and she is 15 going on 16. She is from France and we went to Los Angeles (LA) for 2 separate days and had a blast. The first time we went we went and took a tour of Hollywood Star Homes Tour. The driver made it pleasant but not good to have a 2 year old who has just been potty trained.

     We saw Katy Perry Live and that was a blast she sings very well live, however the not so great part is she was dancing so much she would get tired and then "forget" the words. Not a fan of that but she did great otherwise and it was a blast.

     Juliette brought gifts for us as well. Nastya got a dress and a hat that was all hand made. Pasha and I received 2 bottles of French wine and I got a reversible purse that is awesome! We had a great time and was sad to see her leave to go home. There was a language barrier but it was not as bad as it could be!

This is the wine they brought for Pasha and I

 The 3 bottles of French wine I have gotten as gifts one from my best friend and the other from Juliette's family.

 This is the hat that Juliette's Mum bought for Nastya


   Well we have a new addition to the family we would like to introduce. His name is Spot and he is Toozik's son. He is a mix between his mother Emmie and his father Toozik. Nastya loves him already and he is the cutest thing ever!

Too Long to Remember

Hello y'all

     I know it has been forever. So to start out this new post by saying I am sorry. Summer and the last months has been particularly busy for us.

     Nastya has been potty trained and boy is it nice. Nights are not there yet but I am in no rush to force it. I want her to accomplish that on her own. I bought her some Paul Frank and Hello Kitty panties and boy does she love them. The only one complaint I have is that why do they make low rise and bikini cuts for 2 year old little girls. I don't get that. It makes no sense just make some normal briefs for them so they are not pulling at the wedgies all the time.

     I guess having a taste for cute and fun colours and design has its pit falls. It is so weird even today that she has a pile of clothes with panties and not a diaper. She loves to pick out her panties every day.

    You ask how I knew she was ready? Well it was a Friday and I kept putting a diaper on but she kept taking it off and going in the grass like the dogs. So I decided she was ready. She was a huge champ. I always had her naked for the first 2 weeks and didn't go any where. She went to the potty chair all by herself and I did the dirty job. We went places close to home so that just in case she needed to use the potty. Now we are fully day trained. She did have a problem where she couldn't tell me when she had to go. Now she tells me or goes by herself.