Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fair Trade

I love the fair. Everything about it is lovely, the food the rides and best of all the food. Before this last years fair I went when I was pregnant with Nastya 3 years ago and the only thing a pregnant lady can do is eat. They won't let you go on rides so I did my best to EAT. This year I went on rides with Nastya and the only one she didn't like was the one I hate the most as well. The Ferris wheel is a problem for me. I don't know why but I am afraid of it. I can't even look out and enjoy the ride. My anxiety of fear just takes over. I tried my hardest to be a strong person for Nastya but I think in the end she could feel my anxiety grow more and more. When we got to a certain point she started to cry and grab on to me for dear life. However she did have an enormous amount of fun and didn't want to leave.

 Famous smoked turkey legs which was amazing. I had one bite and my mouth after was as if the water on the facet was turned on.

This was her favourite ride. It was a boat in the water and just went in circles.

Nastya riding the boats.

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