Thursday, 9 August 2012

Too Long to Remember

Hello y'all

     I know it has been forever. So to start out this new post by saying I am sorry. Summer and the last months has been particularly busy for us.

     Nastya has been potty trained and boy is it nice. Nights are not there yet but I am in no rush to force it. I want her to accomplish that on her own. I bought her some Paul Frank and Hello Kitty panties and boy does she love them. The only one complaint I have is that why do they make low rise and bikini cuts for 2 year old little girls. I don't get that. It makes no sense just make some normal briefs for them so they are not pulling at the wedgies all the time.

     I guess having a taste for cute and fun colours and design has its pit falls. It is so weird even today that she has a pile of clothes with panties and not a diaper. She loves to pick out her panties every day.

    You ask how I knew she was ready? Well it was a Friday and I kept putting a diaper on but she kept taking it off and going in the grass like the dogs. So I decided she was ready. She was a huge champ. I always had her naked for the first 2 weeks and didn't go any where. She went to the potty chair all by herself and I did the dirty job. We went places close to home so that just in case she needed to use the potty. Now we are fully day trained. She did have a problem where she couldn't tell me when she had to go. Now she tells me or goes by herself.

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