Thursday, 13 September 2012

Kalinyuk Travel's

     We love to travel. Whether it is as a family or just Pasha and I. We have gone to a lot of places but not as much as I would like to have gone. Nastya has been on airplanes so much when she was young I have it down to a T for the younger ones. First feed on landing and takeoff or give a paci to them so the ears pop and don't hurt them and second take a carry one with all the toys and diapers forget the diaper bag. You can also take drinks for them. One perk of flying that I love is that we get to board first up until the youngest turns 12. Even if you want to send your child overseas and they are an unaccompanied minor, you can pay an extra 50-300$ to have someone take care of them in the air or to just be there with them. It is actually a cool feature. One thing I would always suggest you do in the airport is to never go through the x-ray machine unless you almost never travel otherwise you don't know what you are getting yourself into.

     Nastya loves the window seats. I remember a time where she was about 4 months old and it had been her 2nd flight of her life and I was nursing her and she stripped of the cover and then let go of my boob and it  turned into a boob show. She has always done very well. Now to the huge part. We might be going to France for Christmas and part of January. We got her passport in the works and hoping to purchase tickets in the month of December maybe earlier. My Best friend Aurelie is French and when she came to see me before I gave birth to Nastya I told her that I would come when she has a baby. So she is about 33-35 weeks and she looks great. They are naming her Elise which I think is a beautiful name and I am excited to see who she looks like. So hopefully the little one and I can go and make it a trip of a lifetime again.

 Aurelie about 30/33 weeks
Aurelie about 20/22 weeks


     It seems that this year is the time to be pregnant for everyone except me. Pasha's younger sister Yana who got married last June is about 18 weeks along. She has the bump for sure and I can't wait to find out what they are having. I hope it is a girl to balance out the girl boy ratio for the grandchildren. Current Count is Boys: 8 and Girls: 5

Its hard to see but there is a little bump.

     The amount of people that I know are pregnant are 15 women. So not only does it mean so much stuff being posted to facebook but also it means that my baby fever comes back. One thing I have to say is that for me to get pregnant I need help I didn't want to post this publicly but I feel that the stigma needs to go away or at least I know that I am not the only one who is going through this. My husband and I tried to get pregnant for about 1 year before we felt that something was wrong. So I went in to the fertility Dr. All of my hormone tests came back normal so we moved on to see if my tubes were clear. I only have one ovary (not sure why just born like that) and there was an obstruction in the only one that I had. So I scheduled a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test with the Dr. and found that is was blocked and took the necessary procedures to correct it. Long story short is that I had to take some problems ovulating because of the blocked tube so I went on some drugs to help it along. We didn't concentrate on becoming pregnant and just went about our daily lives, but on our honeymoon we did get pregnant.We now have a beautiful daughter Anastasiya who will be 3 on the 20th October and we are so grateful for her and she is the light is our lives. She is a fram child and while we do want more right now is not the time and we both know that.

I Think I was 24 weeks here or some where around that.

New Homes!

     Well we have a new home. No I wish we could buy but now is not the time for us. We had to give Spot a new home and we found a new place ourselves. Couple months ago our slumlord came over to give us a 30 day notice. He gave no reason as to why. It really broke my heart because I 1. Loved the place, 2. Nastya had only ever known that home, and 3. Super close to the beach. We went on the hunt for a new home. Now a lot of people say that here it is expensive to live but when In-N-Out starts you at $11,50 and hour with benefits as a part time employee I think its pretty good.

     Finding a new home for us was a bit of a challenge due to we had to have a garage and there was no compromising on that. Everything else was no problem. We looked for almost a month before we found this home that we have now. It is an upgrade but also a downgrade at the same time. We upgraded to a 2 bedroom 2 bath, went from 777 sqft. to 900 sqft. We gained a dining room and a second bathroom. This condo complex also has some perks, a pool, jacuzzi, BBQ area, playground, conference room, gym, gated community, and a garage door opener. Spots new Mum is awesome and she loves him so much and he vis versa. Nastya and I could not just give him the love that off set Pasha being mean to him. So we decided that a new home would suit him the best.

 Nastya/guest bathroom
 Nastya's room
 The kitchen, we just moved in at this time so stuff was not in the correct places.
 Living room
 Dining room
Balcony, we no longer leave the stools like this since it is a huge danger especially since we are on the 3rd floor.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

USS MIdway

     USS Midway (CVB/CVA/CV-41) was an aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, the lead ship of her class, and the first to be commissioned after the end of World War II. Active in the Vietnam War and in Operation Desert Storm, she is currently a museum ship at the USS Midway Museum, in San Diego, California.

This ship is actually a really fun ship to go to. The place is so large that if you are a history junkie like I, then you need a whole day and to leave the kids that are under 10 at home with a sitter. Why, well there are a lot of things that they can't do. One is going on the little rides that they have and also seeing the help of the ship. You wait in line for about an hour to see that. Everything else they can see. They have so many planes on the ship that if you have a little one who loves ships and planes that is the way to go. They have a cafe and a souvenir shop that has a lot of good stuff in there. Here is a little secret...don't buy the picture that they take on the background drop because you can share it from the website. If you do want to purchase it is about $30.00.

 The entrance to the museum
 I felt very small next to this ship!
 Decided to be a bell
 They put this plexiglass here to show you how far they go down on just a ladder. I couldn't get on there for i am afraid of heights in some instances.
 Part of a view.
 The doorways in the ship.
 Nastya in the Captain's chair
 Captains quarter's
 Nastya and I. You get headphones and a box thing that you plug in the number and it tells you about the station you are at.
 We all need our clothes washed
 and pressed

 The next 3 pictures are a panorama view of Coronado Bridge and Coronado Island

Martime Museum

Nastya is a car and a boat lover. With Juliette we went to the San Diego Maritime Museum. You can buy tickets for a low price and it goes to restoring the ships and keeping them in tip top shape. They have nine ships in their collection and soon to be one more called the San Salvador. It was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's ship he came to the Americas on. We also have Cabrillo National monument named after him. I had been before with Pasha but this was nastya's first time on the ships. They have the Ship from Master and Commander The Far Side of The Sea, a Russian and American Submarine and a lot of other ones. They even have a small sailing vessel that you can pay to be on it when it sales the san Diego Bay. We have a film that Nastya loves called Ponyo. It is based off of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. She sees ships and yells and says mama there are the ships look look.

 Juliette and Nastya.
 As you can see Nastya loves Juliette
 Nastya and Mama
 All three of us girls
This is the Star of India
 We all sat on the toilet but Nastya's came out the best
 They had a little Star of India for the kids to play on inside the ship

Doing her shipmate duties.
 This is the Russian Submarine we also have and American. This specific Russian one was driven from Russia to the states with the help of a Russian naval officer.

 My obsession with feet, we were resting on the Berkley a ferryboat that cruised the San Francisco Bay.
 Us on the USS Dolphin.
 This is the Medea Yacht

Due to the weather conditions that day we did not get to see all of the boats. We also have the CalifornianPilot BoatHMS Surprise.

By clicking on the links to each and all of the ship names you can read all about the ship and what it did for us.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Buddies for Life

     Four years ago I worked for a Collection agency. I met a co-worker that was sort of like me but was there not to make friends. I was to there to do both work and play, but didn't do much of that at that company. I am a person that is more concerned with quality and not quantity. Both of us were laid off and after we had had our girls we started to hang out. Her daughter cadence is 4 months older than Nastya and they have become buddies. We Skype now since her husband served the military and his contract ended. We have stayed in contact and our girls have become friends. T was my other half in the mom department. We shared a lot of the same feelings on how to raise our kids and to enjoy life. We went to the beach together and our daughters were always together.

     This summer T, Cadence and Addison(her other daughter) came to california to visit and we had such a blast the girls had a slumber party and it was the cutest thing ever. When they were little they didn't play much together but no they do.

Brushing their teeth with the crazy hair they both have.