Thursday, 13 September 2012

Kalinyuk Travel's

     We love to travel. Whether it is as a family or just Pasha and I. We have gone to a lot of places but not as much as I would like to have gone. Nastya has been on airplanes so much when she was young I have it down to a T for the younger ones. First feed on landing and takeoff or give a paci to them so the ears pop and don't hurt them and second take a carry one with all the toys and diapers forget the diaper bag. You can also take drinks for them. One perk of flying that I love is that we get to board first up until the youngest turns 12. Even if you want to send your child overseas and they are an unaccompanied minor, you can pay an extra 50-300$ to have someone take care of them in the air or to just be there with them. It is actually a cool feature. One thing I would always suggest you do in the airport is to never go through the x-ray machine unless you almost never travel otherwise you don't know what you are getting yourself into.

     Nastya loves the window seats. I remember a time where she was about 4 months old and it had been her 2nd flight of her life and I was nursing her and she stripped of the cover and then let go of my boob and it  turned into a boob show. She has always done very well. Now to the huge part. We might be going to France for Christmas and part of January. We got her passport in the works and hoping to purchase tickets in the month of December maybe earlier. My Best friend Aurelie is French and when she came to see me before I gave birth to Nastya I told her that I would come when she has a baby. So she is about 33-35 weeks and she looks great. They are naming her Elise which I think is a beautiful name and I am excited to see who she looks like. So hopefully the little one and I can go and make it a trip of a lifetime again.

 Aurelie about 30/33 weeks
Aurelie about 20/22 weeks

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