Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I Want, I Want, I Want

     That is the new word I want. Why is there no please on the hook of it well she is only 2 and it seems that the feeble mind she is becoming stronger and stronger each and every day. It seems that when she wants it she wants it now and not later. It is hard for her to even cope that it will be in a few seconds that I will get it or in a couple minutes. Due to her age she doesn't understand the word patience. She only knows that she wants it now and if you don't give it now I will throw a fit. However on the good side she say's please and thank you on a regular basis when you don't tell her to say it. She also eats with her mouth closed.


Nastya says peace

*Thank you

Nastya says kan kou

No, No, No

     Lately we are in the no stage, no no for everything but no for things she doesn't want or want to do. I think Nastya has understood how to grammatically use the word no in the right connotation as well. I ask her lets put pyjama's on?, and she says no I don't want to, do you want to take a nap?, and she reply's by saying no. She does know how to use yes and it may be few and far between when she says it but she does and it makes me such a happy Mum that I feel I am doing what is right.


*I want
  Ya ha-choo

*Don't touch that







Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year

     New years is a bad holiday here. No one celebrates it like they do in Europe. Here we see the ball drop and then nothing. When Pasha and I were in Russia there were massive fireworks display, heaping piles of confetti and the president even talks to the people. When I say heaping it means the bags you get from the grocery store about 3 of them full of paper confetti.

I couldn't find it with a translation, however he basically says that last year was bad and lets hope for the new year, new things new news etc.
People dress in their nicest and put make up on and we party it till the next day. The celebration is like Halloween but way more formal and instead of costumes it is black tie event. The atmosphere as a whole is more excited people do things and actually go out and have so much fun. Since finances are tight we had a dinner at home and we got dressed up and had a fantastic time.

Nastya not feeling good and in her pyjamas
Nastya and I
 Some friends of ours Anna P Me and Anna G (from left to right)
 Our little family
This was the next day, needless to say I had a little too much to drink.


     With the Gregorian calendar Christmas falls on January 7th. However because we are in the States we don't celebrate it then. As immigrants come to the states we adopt the days of the holidays on how it is celebrated here in the states. Most start celebrating them when they are here due to the fact that who would give the school kids another day off on January 7 and the 2 week winter break they all have or most has.

     My husband's traditions while in Russia and Ukraine were they would have a meat free dinner on Christmas Eve (January 6) and then on Christmas open presents and have another feast but with meat. Now they have adopted December 25 and they pick names out of a hat and that is who they buy for. Do to us having so many members it saves everyone a slew of money.

     How we normally spent Christmas was after Thanksgiving we would get out the tree and set it up. Now we have the tradition that in our stockings we would get nuts, orange, apple and an ornament from The Hallmark Keepsake Collection and I have gotten from the time I was a baby up until 2003 when I abruptly left. I have thought about doing that for Nastya but I'm not sure.

     This year was so much fun, we get a live tree because I never had one growing up so I wont settle for anything less. Hence this year Nastya received her first year in a tree picking. She was scared of the tree's at first do to their size but then she warmed up real quick.

 She is so happy she has a branch.
 Nastya and I
 Enjoying her Yolka!

 With Papa
 With Papa
Again with Papa
Our tree!

*Christmas Tree

Yolka egroo-shke

*Tree skirt
Yolka You-pka

* Star


*Happy Christmas
S Rozh-destvom


     Nastya is a shy little girl, she will observe before she reacts or goes to people she doesn't know. She is the wall flower off to the side that is just looking around and taking the breath taking view in. She scours the field for the flowers she has been looking for and then goes. The funny thing is she is cautious when she goes on the playground to make sure the little boy in front of her goes before she does. The one part I worry about is she isn't a child who will push another child to the ground but she is the one that gets it. Does it mean she doesn't have a backbone?

     Interestingly enough she climbs; and is active child but, when it comes to other kids she is on the back of the tricycle hanging on. It takes he a long time to actually play with other children her age. She has a friend named Cadence but since her father is no longer in the USMC they are back home in Illinois.

 Nastya (Na how Bug says it) is on the Left 11 months and Cadence (Zhoog how Na says it) is on the right 15 months

Cadence smiling

Fighting over things

Again Fighting

Cadence loving the car seat.

Nastya and Cadence got along from the beginning, they had a lot of fun with each other and became so close they asked to go over each other's homes. I think Nastya misses her she ask's for her when she sees a picture. I hope one day to be able to go there and see them and for Na and Bug to reunite. 

Friday, 6 January 2012


     Both Pasha and I have huge families. So large that it could easily fill up the Vatican on a Sunday morning for church. I have 1 brother and 4 sisters. None have children nor are they married except for me. However but I have a lot of cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Pasha has 6 sisters and 2 brothers. Since we communicate more with his side this is mainly them. So I will name the mother the father and then the kids and under the kids it will be the children. So what I have tried to stress is for Nastya to learn all the names of her cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Everyone who has kids is married except for one. Having a big family can be taxing, however we make it so much fun we may want to have one as well.


Sasha- Brother
*Anastasiya (Stasiya)-daughter



Pasha-My husband


*Pregnant with a boy at this moment no name

Recently acquired a husband so no babies yet.

Currently single

Currently single

Nastya saying them all before she spilt her cereal and milk all over her.

Here We Go Again...

     Thank goodness the holiday's are over. I was so tired of cooking and I had felt as if I couldn't relax. Hence no blog posts. Nastya got sick along with the lot of us and started to teeth again, but this is her 2 year molar's. With the lack of sleep in the last month and the cooking for 2 days on each holiday I have burnt myself out.

     Nastya started to teeth last week and I knew it was going to get bad therefore I left the last of the pain meds for when it gets bad. Monday and Tuesday was so bad I was up with her the whole night. Pasha said she is a faker but I knew she wasn't. Kids are funny like this, they have comfort in our arms but the minute you put them down they cry. On Tuesday it was so bad to make a point to my husband I had to let her scream and cry for 1 hour. I was totally objected by this however I didn't have a choice seeing he didn't think she was in pain. You think I her Mum doesn't know her cry...ok. I felt so bad that I couldn't do anything to help it until he believed me.

Nastya wanting to hold the fishing pole.

 Pasha feeding the Pelican.

Hello Fishy

Nastya saying what's up fish and showing me his eye.

You can see the moon in the middle of the day!

    Experts compare teething to major surgery if adults were to teeth when they got older. They say we would have to be under anaesthesia. It is a serious thing. I loved to use Hyland's teething tablets but they are not available in the store at this moment. So to distract her we went to Oceanside Harbour. She had so much fun. Pasha was already there so he caught sardines for her in a bucket to play with. As you can see she obtained a happy medium. She was so tired she fell asleep on her cat rug and didn't wake up when I put pyjamas on her at 5:30. However she woke up at 11:30 and didn't go back to sleep till 3:30.