Sunday, 8 January 2012


     Nastya is a shy little girl, she will observe before she reacts or goes to people she doesn't know. She is the wall flower off to the side that is just looking around and taking the breath taking view in. She scours the field for the flowers she has been looking for and then goes. The funny thing is she is cautious when she goes on the playground to make sure the little boy in front of her goes before she does. The one part I worry about is she isn't a child who will push another child to the ground but she is the one that gets it. Does it mean she doesn't have a backbone?

     Interestingly enough she climbs; and is active child but, when it comes to other kids she is on the back of the tricycle hanging on. It takes he a long time to actually play with other children her age. She has a friend named Cadence but since her father is no longer in the USMC they are back home in Illinois.

 Nastya (Na how Bug says it) is on the Left 11 months and Cadence (Zhoog how Na says it) is on the right 15 months

Cadence smiling

Fighting over things

Again Fighting

Cadence loving the car seat.

Nastya and Cadence got along from the beginning, they had a lot of fun with each other and became so close they asked to go over each other's homes. I think Nastya misses her she ask's for her when she sees a picture. I hope one day to be able to go there and see them and for Na and Bug to reunite. 

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