Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year

     New years is a bad holiday here. No one celebrates it like they do in Europe. Here we see the ball drop and then nothing. When Pasha and I were in Russia there were massive fireworks display, heaping piles of confetti and the president even talks to the people. When I say heaping it means the bags you get from the grocery store about 3 of them full of paper confetti.

I couldn't find it with a translation, however he basically says that last year was bad and lets hope for the new year, new things new news etc.
People dress in their nicest and put make up on and we party it till the next day. The celebration is like Halloween but way more formal and instead of costumes it is black tie event. The atmosphere as a whole is more excited people do things and actually go out and have so much fun. Since finances are tight we had a dinner at home and we got dressed up and had a fantastic time.

Nastya not feeling good and in her pyjamas
Nastya and I
 Some friends of ours Anna P Me and Anna G (from left to right)
 Our little family
This was the next day, needless to say I had a little too much to drink.

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