Friday, 6 January 2012

Here We Go Again...

     Thank goodness the holiday's are over. I was so tired of cooking and I had felt as if I couldn't relax. Hence no blog posts. Nastya got sick along with the lot of us and started to teeth again, but this is her 2 year molar's. With the lack of sleep in the last month and the cooking for 2 days on each holiday I have burnt myself out.

     Nastya started to teeth last week and I knew it was going to get bad therefore I left the last of the pain meds for when it gets bad. Monday and Tuesday was so bad I was up with her the whole night. Pasha said she is a faker but I knew she wasn't. Kids are funny like this, they have comfort in our arms but the minute you put them down they cry. On Tuesday it was so bad to make a point to my husband I had to let her scream and cry for 1 hour. I was totally objected by this however I didn't have a choice seeing he didn't think she was in pain. You think I her Mum doesn't know her cry...ok. I felt so bad that I couldn't do anything to help it until he believed me.

Nastya wanting to hold the fishing pole.

 Pasha feeding the Pelican.

Hello Fishy

Nastya saying what's up fish and showing me his eye.

You can see the moon in the middle of the day!

    Experts compare teething to major surgery if adults were to teeth when they got older. They say we would have to be under anaesthesia. It is a serious thing. I loved to use Hyland's teething tablets but they are not available in the store at this moment. So to distract her we went to Oceanside Harbour. She had so much fun. Pasha was already there so he caught sardines for her in a bucket to play with. As you can see she obtained a happy medium. She was so tired she fell asleep on her cat rug and didn't wake up when I put pyjamas on her at 5:30. However she woke up at 11:30 and didn't go back to sleep till 3:30.

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