Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Do You Know Your Family History?

     I do but its cloudy with a chance of Judaism, Farmers and a mix of Heinz 57. My birth mother's history is as follows:

     Father: Parent's were farmers that had many children and only a small number survived. His ancestral home is back in Gilnockie, Scotland and there is a museum as well. We haven't had family there in a long time But maybe we have a distant relatives there I don't know. Grandpa recently passed in April of last year.

   Mother: Hails from Texas and her grandmother was a Cherokee Indian who never talked about where she came from since it was taboo then. I really don't know much about my grandmother's side.

My birth father's history as follows.

     Father: Great Grandparent's fled Russia to come to the States with their parents. In Russia they were diamond fabricators and were very wealthy but since the Kazakh (Cossack's were traditional Ukrainian people) tortured my family they thought it best to come here. They went from riches to rags. They did live a very fruitful life, sadly the Russian and Yiddish language died when my grandfather died in 2006. I am the only one in my family that has learned and taken the time to learn the language.

This is my Great-Grandmother's family(in this picture Great-Great Grandmother is pregnant).

    Mother: Originally from Hungary and Ukraine. Her mother's side was of Hungarian descent and her father was from Tul'chyn, Ukraine and immigrated from there to Quebec, Canada. There side has a very good documentation on where they came from how they came here and so forth.

My husband's History is as follows:

     Father: Came from Kivertsi, Ukraine ( but the town of Lutsk was only about 10 minutes away). His father was born there as well. His father was married 3 times and he outlived 2 of his wives, the third outlived him but died not long after he did. When we went to Ukraine we saw her grave. His father's family moved here and so most of the family is here in the states.

Mother: Came from Kivertsi {pronounced Key-vert (hard t sound as in vertical) ts (as in sits) ee (as in eat)}. Her mother and father came from the same town and were buried next to each other. After her mother passed her father never remarried. When her and her husband came to the States they had 8 children the youngest being 4 months and the oldest 13, and one born here in the States.

     So where are you from?