Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Martime Museum

Nastya is a car and a boat lover. With Juliette we went to the San Diego Maritime Museum. You can buy tickets for a low price and it goes to restoring the ships and keeping them in tip top shape. They have nine ships in their collection and soon to be one more called the San Salvador. It was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's ship he came to the Americas on. We also have Cabrillo National monument named after him. I had been before with Pasha but this was nastya's first time on the ships. They have the Ship from Master and Commander The Far Side of The Sea, a Russian and American Submarine and a lot of other ones. They even have a small sailing vessel that you can pay to be on it when it sales the san Diego Bay. We have a film that Nastya loves called Ponyo. It is based off of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. She sees ships and yells and says mama there are the ships look look.

 Juliette and Nastya.
 As you can see Nastya loves Juliette
 Nastya and Mama
 All three of us girls
This is the Star of India
 We all sat on the toilet but Nastya's came out the best
 They had a little Star of India for the kids to play on inside the ship

Doing her shipmate duties.
 This is the Russian Submarine we also have and American. This specific Russian one was driven from Russia to the states with the help of a Russian naval officer.

 My obsession with feet, we were resting on the Berkley a ferryboat that cruised the San Francisco Bay.
 Us on the USS Dolphin.
 This is the Medea Yacht

Due to the weather conditions that day we did not get to see all of the boats. We also have the CalifornianPilot BoatHMS Surprise.

By clicking on the links to each and all of the ship names you can read all about the ship and what it did for us.

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