Thursday, 13 September 2012

New Homes!

     Well we have a new home. No I wish we could buy but now is not the time for us. We had to give Spot a new home and we found a new place ourselves. Couple months ago our slumlord came over to give us a 30 day notice. He gave no reason as to why. It really broke my heart because I 1. Loved the place, 2. Nastya had only ever known that home, and 3. Super close to the beach. We went on the hunt for a new home. Now a lot of people say that here it is expensive to live but when In-N-Out starts you at $11,50 and hour with benefits as a part time employee I think its pretty good.

     Finding a new home for us was a bit of a challenge due to we had to have a garage and there was no compromising on that. Everything else was no problem. We looked for almost a month before we found this home that we have now. It is an upgrade but also a downgrade at the same time. We upgraded to a 2 bedroom 2 bath, went from 777 sqft. to 900 sqft. We gained a dining room and a second bathroom. This condo complex also has some perks, a pool, jacuzzi, BBQ area, playground, conference room, gym, gated community, and a garage door opener. Spots new Mum is awesome and she loves him so much and he vis versa. Nastya and I could not just give him the love that off set Pasha being mean to him. So we decided that a new home would suit him the best.

 Nastya/guest bathroom
 Nastya's room
 The kitchen, we just moved in at this time so stuff was not in the correct places.
 Living room
 Dining room
Balcony, we no longer leave the stools like this since it is a huge danger especially since we are on the 3rd floor.

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