Monday, 10 September 2012

Potty Time

     Before our exchange student came from France we had a dilemma. It was 2 weeks prior and Nastya had decided she no longer would wear a diaper so we began the crazy life of potty training. That saying they have "when they are ready they are ready and you will know". Well that came 2 weeks before Juliette and it freaked me out. I had all these thoughts running through my brain will she be good enough for all this going here and there, will she tell me when she needs to go and will she be good? My brain was so active I felt as if it was going to melt in the frying pan just without the gas on. Well we did it and now it will just be the night time. She still wears diapers at night but no longer for naps. I am so proud of her it is a huge milestone in life. I did have a problem where she would poop on the floor and So I punished her for that and we never had an accident like that again.

 For grossness factor I have taken out the poop.

The picture has been removed due to people searching for pornography. I am truly sorry but its not right.

I trained her by being naked all the time since it was easier. I think this has led to her loving to be in the nude.

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