Thursday, 16 August 2012

Happy Birthday America

     What I grew up with and what Nastya will see as tradition will be two very different worlds. As a child the family and extended family would get together at my Aunt Barbara's home that was about 1-2 acres. There would be my wannabe country singer cousin Jimmy who would sing his country music songs and all of the extended family that lived in the Sacramento would come and celebrate. We all brought some food to share, we would have fire works and party in the summer without alcohol. I remember one year they set off fire works that would get us SoCal residents arrested. You see here in San Diego County and most of Southern California fire works are illegal. We only get to witness them from these locations each year. We used to have them off of the Oceanside Pier but they no longer can commit due to low funds. This year we spent it with a friend of mine that has 3 children. Nastya had so much fun and enjoyed the fire works. Last year she was scared and didn't want anything to do with them. The best Part was my friends parents own a row house and we went there for the fireworks in the comfort of the balcony.

Nastya, Gavin, Emily, Dillon and Karisa

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