Thursday, 9 August 2012

All Things Foreign

     We have an exchange student! Her name is Juliette and she is 15 going on 16. She is from France and we went to Los Angeles (LA) for 2 separate days and had a blast. The first time we went we went and took a tour of Hollywood Star Homes Tour. The driver made it pleasant but not good to have a 2 year old who has just been potty trained.

     We saw Katy Perry Live and that was a blast she sings very well live, however the not so great part is she was dancing so much she would get tired and then "forget" the words. Not a fan of that but she did great otherwise and it was a blast.

     Juliette brought gifts for us as well. Nastya got a dress and a hat that was all hand made. Pasha and I received 2 bottles of French wine and I got a reversible purse that is awesome! We had a great time and was sad to see her leave to go home. There was a language barrier but it was not as bad as it could be!

This is the wine they brought for Pasha and I

 The 3 bottles of French wine I have gotten as gifts one from my best friend and the other from Juliette's family.

 This is the hat that Juliette's Mum bought for Nastya

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