Thursday, 24 May 2012


   Oh you don't know what that abbreviation is? English as a Second Language. People who come to this country as a new person for the most part goes into this class at school to help them with their English. I think its time we adopt what other countries do to foreigners. Give them a translator for three months and then let them do it on their own. They will fall behind for a little bit but if they really want to get it they will pick it up and be successful in all they do.

     Most of my family thinks it is very unfitting to teach Nastya Russian. "We live in America she needs to know English not Russian". This is what they tell me and they do it over and over and over. To me it is offensive and the attractiveness of them repeating the same line gets really old. Why does this country say that it is about different cultures and yet we have huge massive in tolerance's as much as Russia is against black people and Ukrainians are just as against a Russian/Ukrainian not speaking their language. Sorry but last time I checked America DOES NOT have a DECLARED, official language so until they do Russian will be my child's first language. She already picks it up from the neighbours and Pasha and I when we have non speakers.

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