Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It Always Happens For a Reason!

     You know that phrase " It always happens for a reason"? Is that even true. When I said I got a job I was super excited and couldn't wait to start and earn some money. I worked for 2 months and then my employer notified me that she is having her poor friend take over so she can get ahead in life. I am all for that but my first thoughts were okay everything happens for a reason and it will be okay. I paid off five debts and its not so bad. However my thoughts are now that did she do it knowing that her friend was going to take over? SO now when I do a nannying job I will have a contract so that doesn't happen. So now I am back but, due to the summer coming and having things be super busy I still may not be on a lot.

     Few topics I will be covering are: Nastya's English, New dog, please and thank you's, full sentences, potty training, colours, animals, the zoo, the wild animal park, and the exchange student.  

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