Tuesday, 19 February 2013


     What are grandparents? To me they are a group of people or a person who care and love you the way your parents don't. They give you advice when you need it. Most of all it is a privilege to be grandparents not a right. The debate that My husband and I have is this debacle with my birth parents. I was born to them and lived with them until the age of 18 when I was kicked out of the home for bringing alcohol into the home, among other things that are not important. I wasn't a perfect child but I always wanted to be loved by the people who gave me life. Unfortunately it hasn't been that way since I started to have my own thoughts and feelings. I felt stifled in my thoughts and feelings, I felt I had to be one way because my way was wrong. Now that I am on my own and have my husband. The love of my life has no clue what I went through. Just because I forgive someone doesn't mean I want them in my life. I don't need my daughter to go through the same heart ache that I went through. She will know my birth parents as Brian and CarolDawn and nothing else, they aren't grandparents to Nastya. They don't visit her or me or care about anyone but themselves. I'm not willing to make an effort in their life if they wont in mine. Nastya has 3 other grandparents that care for her beyond life and she doesn't have room to have unpleasant ones.

     Grandparents are there to love and do things that us as parents can't do. It is a privilege not a right.

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