Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Vive La France

Hello and long time no write. This summer and fall have been fairly good to us. The summer was really busy but now in the months of the holidays they have become busy as well. Here is what we have been up too.

March, April & May- We were in France with my best friend Aurelie. I told her that when she had a baby that I would come and visit. She had a baby girl named Elise who just turned a year in October. I have known Aurelie since I was 16. She came to the US as an exchange student. We went to many places while there. Paris, Bordeaux, Biarritz, San Sebastian, Spain, La Rochelle and a lot more. I finally was able to meet her family that have always been part of mine. I was there for the Birth of her sisters baby boy. We had such a blast. I got to have lots of good wine and cheese and just enjoyed myself. We also met my exchange students families which was awesome as well.

June we went on a family vacation close to Yosemite and then off to Sacramento and it was a good time. Camping in a cabin is fun. It was our friends birthday and we told them we would come for sure. So we went to Pine Mountain and to Sacramento. Seeing family is always nice in Sacramento but it is getting a little old going there.

July we had our two exchange students here. We went lots of places and had so much fun that they extended the trip for another week. It was sad to see them leave but I know that their lives are forever impacted by what I could teach them and experience away from their parents.

August our friends came down for their yearly trip to Oceanside. They rent a condominium on the beach and this time it was our friends who is a family of 3, her parents, niece and nephew and her sister and her sisters 2 kids. For Nastya it was so much fun, she got to play with a 7 month old baby boy and a girl and boy who are her age. In the time that they were here it was our anniversary, our friend said she would watch Nastya for us and we had decided to do her first sleepover. She cried when we left but after a little bit she was fine. She had so much fun with her friends.

September we found out that we are expecting another baby in May so our family of three with be a family of 4.

October sick all day and didn't really get out of the house. Nastya also turned 4 years old and spent the day with Papa since I was not feeling well.

November- Sick most of the month but now that I am 15 weeks today the all day sickness has become almost non existent. Next month we get to find out the gender and in January we will revel what we are having.

15 weeks

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  1. Hi Kali! I came to your blog via Documenting Delight. It was great to read about your life, and all of the places you have travelled to. Best wishes for your pregnancy! Keep up the great blogging! Carla Xo