Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Everything Happens For a Reason

     I recently got a job that I have been in need of and the perfect opportunity came up. I will be watching 2 boys and will be able to travel home and be fine. One is the same age as Nastya and the other is 4 months. I am a little nervous due to me not being in the comfort of my own home and that I don't know these boys. I am more strict than most parents and so he might not like me for a little bit. The best part is I get to still have Nastya with me and not change a thing in how I raise her or do all for her. In other words I may not have as many posts as I would like to have.

     In other news Nastya fell bad last week and she has this monstrous bruise on her poor face. They say it always looks worse before it looks better. We also went to the World famous San Diego Zoo and she loved it, she couldn't get enough of the Elephants and the Leopard and the Hippos.

Can you tell she loves her "leopup" ok it is a cheetah but she thinks its a leopard so that is what she calls it.

ok maybe its not as bad as i say but it shure does look nasty.
 Nastya with bigge and leopup

Some of her new words are


   Leo-Parrd-roll the R








   Liev- Like liev Schriber







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