Thursday, 16 February 2012


     Nastya is a very shy little girl. When Nastya meets new children her age it is hard for her to warm up to them at that second. She will hide behind me or not want to be put on the ground with them. It takes her about 3/4 days to warm up fully. The first thing that is hard is the language barrier. When it is older children she has no clue as to what they are saying to her or asking her to do unless they show her or I translate it. A prime example is my neighbours daughter loves Nastya and wants to play with her since they are the only girls on the block. She will tell her to throw the ball but Nastya just looks at her with a blank stare on her face.

     Its the look of being lost in a store or a place you have never been to. Nastya is not fond of babies either, but since I started to nanny she has become fond of the little four month old Liam. She tries to help feed him and today I caught her playing with him. She was telling him yes yes yes and ah-goo (its a Russian cooing word). Until now she would not get close to any baby...okay it has taken 3 weeks to get her there but she is and that makes me proud.

Nastya being so big and feeding Liam.

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