Friday, 4 November 2011

Never Say Never!

    Yes I brought it up. I have never herd a child learn so fast. Nastya is just as similar to a sponge, especially in the way you squeeze the sponge and then go over the water with its yellow holy body and then you let go and it just takes the water in its belly. This week has been a tremendous break through on both of our parts of life. One it seems as if she learns 5/10 new words a day; digests them for a couple of days and then again. These new words are over this week but it is great.











*My self




*Ugh huh

*I love you

     Ya te-bya loo-bloo



*Hot Cocoa



     Sh-or-ti (the ti is in the back of your throat it is a hard e)







*Stroller/shopping cart


*Oh my

*Sit down


     Some of these words she just picks up we would say it once and that is it, she knows the word. She is such  a smart little girl it is just weird to know that I say the word once and she repeats it. This has also made me curb my appetite for cursing. I don't want her going to school and the first word out of her mouth is fuck or shit. Neither does Pasha. The words Nastya learns in both languages is awesome. I find it soothing now that she can say what she wants, we still struggle with the unknown words but that is in every family whether English or Portuguese.

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