Monday, 28 November 2011

Pretty Little Liar

     Nastya told her first ever fib. Developmentally it is a milestone and they consider it a good means of recreating a memory. They say that children don't have memories until 3, however I believe differently. If children don't have a memory till 3 why is it that at 1 week or 1 month old they know who their mother is? They can smell their mother up to 100 ft. if the mother is around. Yes, maybe it is not a complex memory but any memory at all is considered a memory right? I know that the question may be a valid or invalid question but for me as a first time mum I consider it a valid question. On to the little fib. I can always tell when Nastya poops, she doesn't hide or run away she squats right there where ever she is. She pooped, I asked her "Nastya did you go kaka?" Nastya replied "No". However I could smell it and I knew she did. What was the first lie your child(ren) ever told and was it a little lie or a big one?

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