Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ugh Oh!

Have you had a child ever say a word, however when they say the word it is a curse word? It has happened to us. Nastya doesn't get the paci (soska) unless she is going to sleep. We were learning new words and Nastya asked for her paci but called it a bitch. I asked her what it was and she called it the same word. So now when she ask's for suka we all know she is saying soska.

At some point in our lives we learn those big bad words that our parents never wanted us to say and now mine has picked one up. I know she doesn't understand what it means and I know in due time she will be corrected. I have to say it was really funny when I first heard it. One of my little sisters used to say F**k for fork, so I know that it isn't any different in a different language. What does you child say wrong?

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