Thursday, 8 December 2011


     My brother's (here is a peek of him, oh he is single by the way) birthday was on 1 December and Pasha and I went out to celebrate with him. He had it at a Japanese restaurant where they prepare it but you cook it on the BBQ at your table. We as a couple don't get out to much and we probably should take the time to do it more often. However the dreaded babysitter comes into play. We only really have 2 sitter's that we have off the top of our head and both are very busy people so when we do get one we try to do it in advance enough so that it doesn't conflict with their schedules.

      If we lived in Sacramento we would have babysitters no problem but we don't so we make do with what we have. It was a nice place and to just relax and enjoy the time with new people and to celebrate my brother's night of festivities. What do you do on date night? Do you have the same problem I have in the sense of finding a sitter is harder?

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