Friday, 16 December 2011

Health Scares

     When Nastya was 7 months old she ended up with Pneumonia. It was a great day to start the weekend. Sunny warm and a little windy just the way May should be. She was a little fussy but I thought it was from the teething she had going on, but she felt to warm for that. I took her temperature and it was 102. Not so bad so I gave her some acetaminophen.  I told Pasha that if it doesn't get any better I will take her to the doctor on Monday. Long story short she didn't get better and her temp became worse. We went in right away and the doctor told me that he lungs sound clear but he wasn't all the way sure. He told me that it can sometimes be harder on babies this young because they always have funny sounds. We went and got a chest x-ray and boy was that not the best moment.

     As you can see it is like a torture device from the 1800's. She started to cry right away and I was crying as well. Her temp went from 102 to 105.5 with in 2 days and they took it rectally so it was a more accurate temp. It broke my heart to see this but the x-ray technician had a great point it may not be hurting them but sometimes we have to do things that will help our babies get better. This was one of them. I am normally all about the natural way to heal but this needed medication and I couldn't help.

      I got her meds and just in one day I could tell she felt so much better. She started to eat more and become more active than before. I take each day as it comes and this was a scary health crisis. I know that the first year of a child's life is the most dangerous. Why? Well for the most part not a lot of kids made it past one. Between getting sick and diseases it is hard to make sure they survive. I am so great-full she survived something so easy to cure.

 Us at Target.

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