Monday, 10 October 2011


        Have you ever heard a word but not quite sure what it means? Well in Russian there are a lot of those words. It seemingly happens to pounce on me. Nastya was saying Tea-pa for the longest time and someone asked the definition.  That was when I became stumped. How can it be that a person meaning me who was born and raised in the States not know the word. It so happens that American English is a befuddled language. You see Russian has many different word that you can't translate to English. Ok so I could translate it literally but it wont make sense. For example: the Russian language doesn't have the word special in the meaning of a person it is always referred to as a real life object.

Tea-pa the literal definition is what ever, however the correct translation is yea right. For example:

Kali: "I'm a millionaire" (as everyone knows I am a far cry from that)
Pasha: "Teapa"
 Each language has its own unique statements and accomplished words along with a dictionary with a plethora of jargon.  We Americans need to understand that we may have one word in American English but not in other 's I know its a hard concept to accept, but willing to have an open mind bring openness to learn new things. All in due time.

A little cuteness to see that almost all languages have the same sounds. No matter a lion in Russian or America this is one animal that says the same thing!

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