Friday, 7 October 2011


As Nastya starts to have a larger and more complex vocabulary it seems she is picking up both English and Russian quite fluently. She has some new words that just surprise me.  Some words in English and Russian are similar to each other. For example we ordered some pizza this week in Russian you say see below.


kough- fee

Paw as in the dogs paw

Out of the three knew words only 1 has the mispronunciation problem and that is Paw. In lieu of saying lapoo Nastya says wapoo. She takes the "L" and replaces it with a "W". It is very interesting to see how she communicates with us in this giant world of ours. To see her grasping words I never had the chance to learn as a child greatly improves her ability to conquer challenges in life that come before us.

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