Friday, 21 October 2011

Just Not Sure

     When we have children we are often at the Dr.'s office for baby well check ups, the last one Nastya's Dr. asked how many words and if she does this or that. She has done every milestone on time and some were even early. Now the one part i am just not sure about is her speech. She has a very large vocabulary you think it would be fine to just assume what it is would be great, but here is my question. Should we just use the English equivalent or should I try to find a Russian Dr. to see if she is on the right track in our language. It sounds really confusing because my brain is on over load. Do you understand me? No...ok so I am concerned that I don't know what level my daughter is because we are in an English speaking country. I know we can substitute for the literature here but should I get a doctor who knows the Russian language and knows where she should be?

     On a more happier note Nastya turned 2 yesterday. These last 2 years have been frustrating but so much fun. You see I get frustrated real easy and I have been working on getting better and not just flipping off the handle. I always said I never wanted to be similar to my mother and here I am doing the exact same thing. It is working because she listens better and does what I tell her when necessary. I have figured out that Nastya does not like to be yelled at, ok neither do I. She seems so big now and it is a little weird. I remember all mums telling me to enjoy it because it goes so fast; needless to say I didn't believe them. It has gone so fast that I don't know where the time went. She has gotten so big and is so smart it is as if it just happened one day and she started speaking and walking and crawling (only for one month so I didn't have time to get used to it). I know that she will one day be a Mum just like me so I want to groom her to the best of my ability.

This past weekend Nastya and I surprised his family by flying into Sacramento and only having one of his sisters knew what was going on. She did awesome on the ride there and back. I made Pasha not tell anyone including his parents because if they know it will no longer be a surprise. Saturday was the longest day of my life. We surprised them and it was a Kodak moment. My sister Tanya had the face of utter shock. You see I told them I wouldn't be there, but I had an unused plane ticket I had to use. The special occasion was our nieces 1st birthday. Everyone was there except for Mum and Dad so I got to see everyone's face. They were speechless for about 10 seconds. Now when parents came it was even more of a shock. Mum couldn't say a word for like 15 seconds, I don't think I have ever seen my mother in law so shocked. Dad was shocked but his facial expressions we not so emotional.


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